Beautiful Bride

From the moment you say YES, it becomes the moment to start stepping up your daily beauty routine.  Every bride-to-be wants to look their very best on their special day, from flawless skin to perfect nails.

However, it can be hard not to panic as the count down to the big day speeds up.  How are you supposed to look like perfection when you have spent the last few months stressing over the guest list, going crazy over the seat plan and arguing over budget!?

I have put together a few tips from my own experience as a “how to create perfection” bride and from some lovely brides that I have worked with over the years.  I hope these can be of some help to you too on the months running up to you big day.

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Flawless Skin

As with many of you, I believe the key to captivating beauty is flawless skin.  Beautiful skin equals a beautiful you.

So how do with achieve this flawless skin?  In actual fact it’s not rocket science – Simply eating healthily, drinking plenty of water and following a simple skincare routine is the best thing you can do in the months and weeks leading up to your wedding.  Here is how;

  • Try avoiding sugar, sodium and processed foods as these will all lead to tummy fat and bloating
  • Focus on green vegetables, fruit and lots of water. Fantastic way of curbing cravings and clearing skin
  • Limit your alcohol intake – Alcohol makes skin Puffy and dry (not what we want!)
  • Cut down on carbs, especially the fried variety
  • Double cleanse (yes make sure you cleanse your skin twice!), tone, apply eye gel/serum, apply face serum or face treatment oil and then your moisturiser

Spot busting tip:  Beauty blogger Caroline Hirons suggests taking an antihistamine if you feel a spot surfacing. As it calms the area and should diffuse the situation.

Flawless skin

The Perfect Manicure

As soon as you say yes and he slips the engagement ring on your finger, there is no hididng the fact that your hands (left in particular) will be on constant display.  So it is a necessity to have pretty, well looked after nails.

Moisturising your hands daily and using a cuticle oil such  as almond oil is the best way to begin prepping for the big day.  If you have the budget, weekly manicures would be perfect, but its is quite easy to do this at home.  Make sure that if you have weak nails you use a nail strengthener (my fave is OPI’s Nail Envy) and regulary file the nails.

Perfect manicure

A Beautiful Smile

Your wedding day is the happiest day of your life and it will be no surprise that you will have a constant smile on your face.  The last thing you want to do is feel self concious about your teeth – So don’t!  Get whitening!

These days there are so many choices when it comes to teeth whitening.  Everything from the whitening strips you can buy in Boots to the moulded gum shield, with that all amazing teeth whitening ingredient that your dentist will provide for you (very effective, but slightly more expensive).  Choose what you feel is best for you and make sure you start the treatment a few months before the wedding.  I can promise you it makes such a different, to your confidence and those all important wedding photographs.

Bridal Diet

I have not yet met a bride that does not want to loose some weight before her big day.  You want to feel beautiful and confident and when you walk down the isle you want your dress looks sensational.  BUT the worst thing to do is to go on some fad diet.  They are extremely hard to follow and as we all know, as I mentioned before, the best way to shift those extra pounds is to eat healthily and exercise regularly.

This, of course, is much easier said than done.  Make sure you start your Bridal “Diet” in good time, so you do not have to stress too much about it.  Try not to put too much pressure on yourself.  You know that an indian take away and a can of coke is not good for you – so stay away from them!  That’s not to say avoid them completely – as the saying goes – everything in moderation.

Fruit and vegFirm That Body

A great way to escape the stresses of wedding planning can be to go for a run or a nice walk with the dogs (if you have them).  You can clear your head and start toning your body for that wedding dress to slip over.

If you do not have the time to hit the gym, some simple dumbbells  will make all the difference to help create toned arms.  Sit ups, squats and lunges are all easy to do at home and help tone those all important areas.


The Bridal Glow

We all know that we feel our best when we have a sun tan.  Bronzed, glowing skin is a great confidence booster and just what all brides could do with.  However, it is not always an option to take a quick pre wedding holiday to visit the sun for a few days!  FAKE IT!

Either use a gradual self tanning lotion a few weeks before the big day or a few days before opt for a all over spray tan  to give you that sun-kissed skin.  Perfect for a confidence injection and great for the wedding photos.


Make Me Up

My biggest advice is to make sure you have a make-up trial (or 2) before your big day.  Brides make the mistake of thinking that they want a complete change of look for their wedding day and in reality you need to feel natural and like YOU.

Your make up artist can explain this all to you and maybe suggest some options for you to accentuate your best features.  You will be able to try colours and textures so tht but THE day you feel totally confident in the make up you wear.  Sometimes, it is a good idea to take your favourite make up items along with you.  She/he may decide to use you “oh so faithful” concealer or it just may help them to see what sort of make up wearer you are!

If you have the budget and want to go that step further, you could always ask your photographer to take some photos of you in your make up before the day itself!


The Hair

Your wedding day does not allow for a bad hair day – Fact!

Start preparing early to avoid any unwanted hair disaters.  If you are thinking about having your hair cut, restyled or coloured, make sure this is done 2-3 months before the wedding.  This will give you time to get used to the style/colour and your stylist can help you to achieve easy to create styles for the honeymoon.

I would suggest that no later than 2 weeks before you have your roots touched up if necessary and maybe a gloss treatment.  If you are wearing you hair up on the day then make sure wash and blow dry your hair the evening before to make it easier for the style to hold in the morning,  However, if you hair is down for the day then washing it on the morning is best.


Sexy Smooth Skin

Exfoliate, moisturise, repeat!

If this is not already your body routine then make a start now.  Preparing your skin for your wedding day is one of the best things you can do….

Your skin will glow….

Waxing/shaving is more effective…..

There will be not a dry patch in sight….

Sexy and smooth and ready to go!


Beautiful bride….. I hope this helps.

Lots of Love,

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