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Working in this industry, I come across so many wonderful and talented people.  I have decided I want to share with you some of my favourites, in the hopes that you can utilise their talent or just see how wonderful some people are 🙂

My first post introduces the fabulous Lesley-Anne from Purple Pear Tree Photography.


Lesley-Anne is a truly gifted photographer with an eye for catching every moment of your story in a relaxed and unassuming manner.  Her bubbly, warm personality allows you to completely relax in front of the camera, leaving her to capture those quirky, un-posed photos we all want and love.  She is always thinking outside the box and is very creative with her style.

Here are some of my favourites…






Purple Pear Tree Photography Alternative wedding photographer located in Essex, specializing in heartfelt, creative, documentary, and quirky wedding photography Essex, London and UK wedding photography (1)


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I asked her a few questions so that you can learn a little bit more about the lovely lady and her camera!

What is your photographic style?

I have been asking myself this for years now! It’s really funny that this is question photographers get asked all the time and I greatly admire photographers who seem to have THE answer!
I however believe that my style is an extension of me, at times a little chaotic! Haha! I would say my style is a combination of documentary and creativity with lots of soul. I like to think that I capture a little of people’s character every time I photograph them, I just love to capture glimpses of peoples personality. I’m pretty intuitive and can grasp peoples feelings and personalities pretty soon after meeting them and this is what drives me – we’re all so different and our moods fluctuate, and I love being able to represent this in my photography.
So, maybe I do know my style after all!!

Engagement Shoots – Yay or Nay?

Yay! I blooming love them! As a photographer I feel that it’s a really great opportunity for me to see how a couple interact with each other and in front of the camera. It also is often a great time for them to have a bit of time together amongst the crazy time that wedding planing can involve. I’ve also had couples during their portraits on their wedding day say, ‘…ah this is easy now, we’ve done it before!’ These couples always have the most relaxed of wedding day portraits together.

How do you work with your client to ensure that they are fully relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera?

I stand back as much as possible, trying not to ‘get in their faces’ too much. This again goes back to ‘my style’ I want photos to be spontaneous and relaxed and I try greatly not to contrive too much, other than to suggest poses. I always make sure we have spent some time together before the wedding day so we have got to know each other well and they know me and that I’m a relaxed chick!

What was the photography for your own wedding like?

I feel so sad now about my photography at my wedding, during the day I felt I lost control over what was happening, and my husband and I spent too much time away from our guests while they had prosseco and canapés, and I got swept away with too many group shots that I really didn’t want. However, it was almost eleven years ago now and I feel that learned so much from my own wedding photography that I can offer a unique and bespoke service to my couples, photographing and documenting their day in a way that they want.

What do you love most about photography?

Oh gosh, you know that’s a tricky one, I love so much about photography, and respect all forms from landscape to macro. For me I love the fact that in an ever changing world a photograph preserves a moment, a second, a fleeting memory that will be preserved for a long time.

What, to you, makes a great photographer?

Passion, above all else. You can have all the equipment, and the newest model hot off the shelf and a trillion lenses, but in my opinion it’s the love, soul and creativity within the photographer that shines through. I started out with minimal kit and I truly believe that it made me a much better photographer, than if I’d had that shiny brand new Nikon I so coveted!

What was your inspiration for 365 days of photography?

Three things inspired me greatly, one being that I felt I needed to get back to basics with my personal photography, I had become so obsessed with creating the perfect portrait of my girls and being sure that all looked utterly rosey, that I’d stopped taking snap shots of real life, which within my work is so very important. Secondly to push myself creatively, when I shoot families and weddings I’m always trying to look outside of the box and create something different and unique, that represents me and my clients. So, shooting a photo every day within the parameters of my every day life and generally the four walls of my house, garden and small village was always going to push my creativity to the max…. and trust me it’s proving to be a real challenge that some days I adore and others not so much! ;)
Thirdly, I felt I wanted a personal challenge, pure and simple, something to push my self personally as well as creatively.

Tell us something not many people know about you?

I’m a complete introvert, however, I love people and every job I’ve ever had has involved me working with people, I just love to make people happy, just as much as I love spending time on my own in my own space 🙂

If you love her as much as I do then please check her out at Purple Pear Tree Photography for more examples of her amazing work and of course her contact details!

Lots of Love,

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